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Collaboration is the way forward for schools to enhance learning experience. The Times Educational Excellence Awards event were a fitting recognition of the excellent work done by various schools across Bengaluru. The event provided a relevant platform for schools to applaud one another and learn from one another. In addition to this, a panel of experts had valuable insights to share.

NumberNagar® was proud to be the knowledge partner in this endeavour. It was heartening to see schools from across the city, old and new, getting their due recognition in this forum. This was possible due to the open arms extended by the schools in sharing relevant data as required by the evaluation panel. Knowledge sharing played an important role in selecting the top performers in every category.


Sriraghavan (Co-Founder, NumberNagar®) shared his candid thoughts during the event. It is due to the support extended by veteran schools in Bengaluru to NumberNagar® in its younger days that paved the way for the brand to reach this stage of being the knowledge partner in this prestigious endeavour.

NumberNagar® strives to work with schools to complement the existing system and ease some of the burden on teachers. Extensive training helps teachers hone their own creative skills and provide students with learning experience of international standards. As an after-school learning centre, NumberNagar® works with individual children to provide them meaningful learning experiences based on their specific needs and requirements.


He also urged schools that collaboration is the most important skill in the 21st century. When schools are ready to collaborate and learn from one another and brands like NumberNagar®, the final beneficiaries are the students.

NumberNagar® believes in creating meaningful learning experiences at every stage of a child’s learning journey. Not only with children, we strive to make this meaningful learning experience touch the lives of everyone around children.


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