Think tank starts primary research wing

MUMBAI: To ensure smooth transition from pre-school to primary, the Early Childhood Association on Thursday launched a think tank – Association for Primary Education and Research. Through workshops, research and networking, the association plans to work closely with schools and government.

The group’s work kick started with a panel discussion on the national new education policy’s role in integrating early years with primary years. “There is a disconnect between pre primary and primary and students are the ones to suffer. There is a need for dialogue and change to integrate the two,” said Swati Popat Vats, president of the association.

Office members of APER include well-known educationists such as Farzana Dohadwalla (Vice President), Kusum Kanwar ( Secretary), Rekha Shahani (Diplomatic Secretary), Sangeeta Puri( Joint Secretary) and Binaifer Chhoga (Executive Member).

“This period of 3-8 years in the NEP translates into 3 of early years + 2 of primary education years. The annual status of education report shows that children cannot read or write properly; commensurate to their age. Early child segment is ignored and therefore filled with less qualified, low cost teachers. If audit is done periodically, the quality of staff will enhance,” said Dohadwalla.


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