Bihar Kisan Online Registration

If you are resident of Bihar and you are a farmer or having interest in farming or farming-related things then this article is for you because in this article I am going to tell you how you can register in Bihar Kisan.

Government of Bihar has started a good initiative to register all the farmer in the state so that there information and information related to their land can get easily.

The main purpose of registration of Kisan is to help them directly in welfare of Kisan, through registration you will able to get financial aid directly form government and many more.

The official website of registration is DBT Agriculture, the online registration will help our farmer of Bihar to join into government scheme and take advantage of it directly.

Yes, it is compulsory to get register in Bihar if you want to join the government Yojana.

Also farmer has to give their information correctly and Bihar Government will provide benefits to the register Kisan only.

Government want to join every farmer if Bihar to this scheme so that they could take advantage of this Yojana.

For that government has introduce DBT portal on which farmer can do there registration and this website is maintained by the agricultural department of Bihar Sarkar.

This DBT portal help both Kisan as well as department.

Kisan as can take direct advantage of farmer-friendly government Yojana and agricultural department of Bihar Sarkar can easily make Yojana and introduce to all Kisan at once.

After registration you will we provided a unique Kisan Registration number, which contain all of your land-related and farmer related information at a single place.


What you will get in this article:

  1. What is Bihar Kisan Online Registration
  2. Need of Bihar Kisan Online Registration
  3. How to apply for Bihar Kisan Online Registration
  4. Terms and condition of Bihar Kisan Online Registration
  5. Eligibility condition for Bihar Kisan Online Registration
  6. Registration on DBT Agricultural Portal
  7. Advantages and benefits of Bihar Kisan Online Registration
  8. How to update Bihar Kisan Online Registration
  9. How to check Bihar Kisan Online Registration
  10. How to make changes in Bihar Kisan Online Registration

Bihar Kisan Registration | Bihar Online Kisan Registration 

Make a note that if you are a farmer of Bihar then registration is must for various government Yojana and government financial help provided to farmer will give to register farmer only.


Important information and document for Kisan registration

  • Aadhar Card
  • Farmer bank account details i.e. bank passbook, Account Number, IFSE code etc.
  • Mobile phone number must be link to Aadhar card.


Now after collecting all these important document the time has now come to tell you how you can do online Kisan registration done from your home.


Online Kisan Registration Bihar| Kisan registration on DBT agricultural Portal

Now in this part of the article you will get information on how you could get register into Bihar Kisan, so you just need to follow simple steps to get your registration part done:

  • Go to the official website of DBT agriculture of Bihar Government. You can directly go there by the help of the link provided below: https://dbtaagriculture,
  • After reaching the main window you will find an option to get register, you just need to click on that to get register.
  • Now after clicking on to register a new page will get open, now you ask for 3 option i.e.
    • Register with ‘OTP with a demography’
    • Register with ‘demography and Bio Authentication
    • Register with ‘iris’
  • Now you have to select the first option as it is easiest and less time-consuming.
  • Other two option are also useful but you can only use them when you have a fingerprint scanner and iris scanner.
  • For now, select first and move further, later you can update it whenever it is required.
  • Now you have to mention your name similarly as written on your Aadhar card and also you have to enter your Aadhar card number.
  • And now click on Authentication to verify your Aadhar card number and personal details.
  • You can only enter only one Aadhar card number, only one bank account number and only one mobile number for registration in Bihar Kisan Yojana.
  • Your Aadhar card must be link to your mobile number at the time of registration.
  • After completing this whole one time process, please click on to the checkbox to accept all the terms and condition.

Note: clicking checkbox mean you are signing affidavit, make sure to read it carefully.

  • Now one OPT will come on your mobile phone number you which your Aadhar card is linked with, fill the OPT correctly and proceed further.
  • Now if your OTP is correct, then you will get into a new page on that you just have to select the option of ‘Kisan registration’.
  • Now you need to fill your all personal and official information whatever is asked and click submit.
  • Now note the registration number.
  • Now you are successfully registered to the Department of Agriculture in Bihar sarkar. Now you can also take a printout of it for further use if needed.


Now your registration work is completed, if you have any problem in points listed above do let me know in the comment section.


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